Iran is a country rich in natural resources, especially mines, so that 7% of the mineral resources in the world are located in this country, among which perhaps precious or semi-precious stones can be considered among the famous souvenirs of Iran that are in the world. Depending on the culture of that country, these stones are used in medicine, psychology, precious jewelry, special industries such as making bearings, watchmaking, etc. The large mines of these stones are mostly in the east and northeast of Iran in Razavi Khorasan and South Khorasan provinces. It is located in a deprived area on the edge of the desert, which, of course, due to the unknown nature of these mines and the lack of proper marketing, most of this precious capital has not been well known in the world and Iranian markets.
Sarang Stone Company by creating a group business cycle in the field of wholesale sales and export of all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones, preferably in the field of agate (tree, moss, autumn, spring, etc.) that these products are unique and unique in the world. Our sales and services are offered in the form of rough, collectible and precious stone industries
Our goal and belief is to sell as well as create direct and indirect jobs and help the economy of the people working in this industry and our dear country Iran.